Shaping a sustainable future

The pressing global need to recycle, reclaim, and reuse demolition materials is not just about reducing waste and carbon emissions – it’s also cost-effective. By reintroducing materials into the circular economy, we’re able to offer much better rates to our clients due to savings on landfill tax.

Our commitment to the environment

At SunDemolition, we embrace our critical role within the recycling chain. Our dedication to recovering and recycling all types of construction materials highlights our commitment to minimising landfill use, conserving resources, and reducing our environmental footprint.

Innovative recycling solutions

By crushing concrete, hardcore, and other demolition materials, we’re able to transform it into various grades of aggregate, ready for reuse in new construction projects or in situ, breathing new life into what was once considered waste. Our meticulous screening and sorting processes ensure that metals, timbers, and other materials are processed, screened, and segregated efficiently. This all builds towards our ultimate goal of recycling 100% of the materials from any site we work on.


As part of the SunEnviro group, SunDemolition has access to incredible resources for getting the most value out of your demolition waste. With a dedicated aggregate and soil washing plant and powerful machinery for breaking down concrete, SunDemolition is a leader in construction waste management.

By opting for SunDemolition’s crushing and recycling services, you are making a decisive step towards a brighter future.

Let us help you reduce waste, lower carbon emissions, and cut costs, all while contributing positively to the planet’s health. Don’t let your demolition project contribute to the cycle of waste.

Contact us today to discover how our crushing and recycling services can make a difference for your project – and the world.